Monday, July 7, 2014

My choice : 2 Finger

Hy, im back for the second time . .

Review what am doing on my saturday night
I gather with my boyfie's friend to made a small BBQ's party
about  12 people in da house yooo ..

Here some picture we take when its free . . .
Thadang . . . . from the left to the right, there is Me, Juleman, Cella, Victor, Merry, Ayang and Oscar.
Only this picture with many people, the least is busying of their barbeque include my boyfie ..

Who will called party when there is no beer ?
Get your Booms on JAGER !!
For people who's cant drink, i think jagerboom suite to them
the taste more to sweet than hot .. u people MUST TRY

The actual photo. . . .
Hahahhahaha ...
Here my boyfie's creative glass.
We cut half of the glass to put jager boomb + Red bull.

continue picture . . . .

Why PEACE ??
That's not peace but TWO
Our Number for President of Indonesia

Thank you for Reading

Friday, July 4, 2014

Newbie of Blogger

Today is my first time to create a blog.
Maybe i will uncontinue this blog, because of my sudden attach of anything else.

But now, i want to learn more about blog
Like i seem, many peoples are using this side to express their life.
So i want to create one for me too.

Let's try and see what happen on my blog . . .

Thank You :)